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Consumer Tech Wireless

Giving Customers Choices

At Consumer Tech Wireless, we provide industry-leading service to meet and exceed the purchasing and inventory control needs of our distribution partners, and multi-national clients. With over 20 years of wireless experience, CTW leverages long-lasting, solid relationships to deliver first class products and services in the cellular market supply chain.

We continue to succeed in this competitive market by regularly offering advantageous and profitable price points to our portfolio of clients while supplying expert technical support for superior return on investment.

Cost Effective Connectivity

In addition to efficiently fulfilling orders with our optimized delivery network, we design and offer flexible communications strategies that allow clients to select from a range of "best-in-class" service providers.

When considering an IT solution for your next device upgrade, contact Consumer Tech Wireless and a company professional will assist you in providing the solid framework for a high–performing communications deployment at an attractive cost savings.

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